Echo.1 (PA)
Echo.2 (PA)
Echo.3 (PA)
Echo.4 (PA)
Echo.5 (NY)
Echo.6 (NY)
Echo.7 (NY)
Echo.8 (NY)
Echo.9 (CT)
Echo.10 (PA)
Echo.11 (PA)
Echo.12 (NY)
Echo.13 (NY)
Echo.14 (NY)
Echo.15 (NY)
Echo.16 (PA)
Echo.17 (PA)
Echo.18 (PA)
Echo.19 (PA)
Echo.20 (PA)
Echo.21 (NY)
Echo.22 (NY)
Echo.23 (NY)
Echo.24 (NY)
Echo.25 (MV)
Echo.26 (MV)
Echo.27 (MV)
Echo.29 (CT)
Echo.28 (CT)

It all began in a rowboat as I sat watching the summer sun set. Day lingered in the sky and the first lights came on in the houses around the lake. I was struck by this poignant dance between light and dark, and the mirrored reflection of the sky in the water, slightly softened, like an echo. In the growing darkness, I had to slow my shutter down to capture the images, and combined with the rocking of the rowboat, the images had blur and movement. These are landscapes painted with a camera, coaxed into being with movement. In these images I am always looking for the conversation between sky and water; the resulting image is an impression of the landscape and its memory, as if from a dream.